Sunset in Maremma

All photos by Paula da Silva, copyright

In Maremma, I was Simona’s mentor for a week, so we worked hard on her work, previous and future. Here you can see a photo of her with her father’s gray Arabian mare, straight egyptian.

We went through marketing issues, copyright, editing workflow, and… ehehe, we also went out shooting together – every day, in the early morning and late in the afternoon.

One of the projects I had on mind was to shoot a buttero (local cowboy) at sunset and she took me to Andrea’s place, and I fell in love with the hilly scenery and the golden light at sunset.

The following shows  Simona bowing at the horse and the horse (Orgoglioso is his name) bowing at her. Crazy stuff, I know.

And at night we took some photos of Andrea’s traditional tack, with the precious help of another Italian photographer, Mauro. It was late and we were very tired when we decided that we had enough.

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