I wish.. oh I wish…

Would you, horse lover, if you could decide would you have allowed to hold the Olympics in a country where people eat dogs, and I will not mention what happens to bears and cats, and above all .. a country where the Human Rights are just ignored? How fair is that? How would the spirit of the Olympics be respected?

I hope all goes well for the people taking part, and to conclude I must say that I wish that the politic “personages” who decided to select that country just for politic and economic reasons (a huge market) would’ve invested on better conditions for the people and animals living there.

I will NOT watch the OG. That will not make any difference to the ones who make dictatorial inhuman laws over there. They will not change, not as long as our governments applaud them while pretending in a whisper to disapprove. Not as long as you all keep your mouth shut and pretend not to be aware of what is happening. May you have at least a nightmare about that, a nightmare which is for the people in that country the day-by-day REALITY..

Paula, who lives in a country where people eat horses 😦 but luckily human beings are not tortured unlike it happens in some other western countries

Post Scriptum: no image on this post, because I have none that shows to the fullest extent my feelings about it.


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