Pietas is a latin word

It is always interesting to see how the very same photo can induce such different reactions on different people. This one for instance, will mean nothing for most people. It will not arise any emotions on 99 percent of the visitors of this blog. But this photo will make other people cringe, and probably horse people’s eyes will  moisten with PIETAS, a latin word which can be translated with mercy, compassion; sympathy, commiseration.

The same photo induces different reactions accordingly with the experience and background of the viewer. So it is not the photo itself the real container of emotions, but the catalyser is on it’s interaction with the viewer’s background experiences of life.

There is nothing new about this concept. I am just sharing an early morning thought that crossed my mind while editing veterinary photos for a magazine.

I can’t get used to the sight of some real life situations and there are thousands of those images in my archives. They still hurt me when I see them and I try to work slowly and carefully with Photoshop tools over them, no harsh moves, no hard contrasts, not too much sharpening just soft caresses while I cuddle with  the cursor on my screen over  those signs of pain and tribulation absolutely invisible for most people.

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