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blank and empty

That is how I feel now: blank and empty. My creativity is on standby and I am not sure about how to switch it on again.

I seem to have grown emotion-proof, and I simply don’t care in a general way.

Nothing seems to be important right now, and I can’t focus my attention on any issue, private or professional.

The weird thing is that I am well, and I am doing very well professionally so I really have no real reason for this emptiness. I haven’t shot anything for the last three weeks and I even have put my equipment away downstairs .

I have to force myself to edit photos when strictly necessary.

My friend Alain has introduced me to Fractals yesterday and I got a quick sparkle in the back of my mind. I will ask him to write a short text about Fractals.



I believe that what really makes the difference in our work is not so much the equipement we use but the capacity to make decisions.

Decisions may be of many kinds, the most important being: what time, where, how, who, where to stay, when to move, when to shoot, how to set the camera, what sense to give to the image, how long to search for the perfect shot, when to stop, and…if we should change the original idea and follow a side path.

The difference is huge when a “clicker” shoots, he only really cares to get a photo, things just happen in front of him and good luck or bad luck may help… or not. The hazard!

The ability to make projects, the use of details to make things more easy to shoot and to “read”,  and a well organised but free mind are also very important, IMHO.

Unfortunately, many people love to do everything the easy way, and often don’t have enough self discipline to finish what they have started. Others would want to make a living with photography but they only really think about it as a hobby.

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The Olympic spirit dirtied

This time the text will be in Spanish, and it is a quote of a letter that you can send (or not) to the President of China.

El Honorable Hu Jintao

Presidente de la República de China

Estimado Señor Presidente Hu:

Hace más de un año, le escribimos para exigirle poner fin a las atrocidades que se cometen rutinariamente contra los animales en China. Le pedimos abrir sus ojos y su corazón para prohibir las prácticas más escandalosas del comercio chino de pieles, la matanza de animales por brotes de rabia, las granjas de bilis de oso y las granjas de tigres, o el consumo de carne de perro y gato. Sin embargo, su gobierno no ha aprobado hasta ahora ni una sola ley que proteja a los animales en su país.

Hace más de un año también le prometimos el boicot a su país, sus productos y su turismo de cara a la celebración de los Juegos Olímpicos en agosto de este año, y ahora volvemos a hacerlo.

En Occidente, somos cientos de organizaciones por los derechos animales quienes nos estamos movilizando para que esta información llegue a la mayor cantidad de público posible. Asimismo, le estamos haciendo llegar esta información a nuestros políticos, deportistas y delegados que asistirán a los JJ.OO.

Mahatma Ghandi dijo una vez que “la grandeza de una nación y su progreso moral se pueden juzgar por el modo en que se trata a sus animales”. Bajo este punto de vista, la verdadera debilidad, insignificancia, y vulnerabilidad de China se hacen evidentes. Le instamos a que reconozca el daño cometido a la reputación internacional de su país. El éxito de China en la economía mundial depende precariamente de la ignorancia de los consumidores y la ceguera voluntaria de otras naciones. No obstante, la violencia cometida contra los animales en su país ha ganado la atención de consumidores y líderes mundiales afines. El mundo no tolerará más la crueldad despiadada de China contra los animales, y eso lo haremos saber ahora mientras celebran los JJ.OO y hasta que usted no tome cartas en el asunto en su país.




Also please make sure to visit this site and those of you who understand  Spanish  will learn a lot about the country that hosts the Olympic Games

I had thought about sending you a few links about the Human Rights in China and the way people are treated in that country, but I believe (hope)  that the Press will soon give you some food for thoughts.

The Western countries are to blame for the choice of such a country to hold the Games- obviously our governments don’t really care about the Olympic Spirit or the Human Rights,  very sad isn’t it? This is a SHAME and it should make us think twice before re-electing those poeple as our representatives in this Planet…


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