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I believe that what really makes the difference in our work is not so much the equipement we use but the capacity to make decisions.

Decisions may be of many kinds, the most important being: what time, where, how, who, where to stay, when to move, when to shoot, how to set the camera, what sense to give to the image, how long to search for the perfect shot, when to stop, and…if we should change the original idea and follow a side path.

The difference is huge when a “clicker” shoots, he only really cares to get a photo, things just happen in front of him and good luck or bad luck may help… or not. The hazard!

The ability to make projects, the use of details to make things more easy to shoot and to “read”,  and a well organised but free mind are also very important, IMHO.

Unfortunately, many people love to do everything the easy way, and often don’t have enough self discipline to finish what they have started. Others would want to make a living with photography but they only really think about it as a hobby.

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