New slideshow

A couple of weeks ago I went to Spain, to Andalusia, to attend a very interesting endurance competition. It was the Kaliber Al Andalus Raid, 500 Km (310 miles) ride, in 8 stages. I only stayed for a couple of days, but I really enjoyed it.

The chairman is Josè Manuel Soto, a very popular singer. I have uploaded a slideshow

click on this link  Al Andalus 2009 but be patient, it takes 2 minutes to load, there are 60 images and a VERY beautiful song…

It will open on a different page so that you can go on reading here while it loads. 🙂

I was telling you about the organisation, it is complex to put up such a long event. Ten days altogether, if you consider the day of arrival, one day off and the last day (gala dinner and awards).  Every day the stalls were re-built on a different place, and the riders slept on a different (beautiful) hotel. The idea was in fact to have a “raid” through Andalusia…

Did I tell you about the food and the wine? uhmmmmm… I know, nothing to do with horses, nor with photography. Ok. Maybe your slideshow has downloaded, by now. Enjoy it!



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