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Dear Santa

Dear Santa

Please bring us a new government that works in the interest of the people in this country and not against us, and a proper Prime Minister.

Thanks so much,



The Gift of Horses

The gift of horses

Everything changes. Even Christmas?

To send a  greeting card with sleighs and snowbells to friends in Australia, Brazil and Mexico doesn’t seem to fit somehow.

Paper cards would by now probably be perceived as cumbersome, and even environmentally aggressive, by most people. So a virtual greeting it is.

And what about permanency? A year-old notebook is outdated, an older cell phone frowned upon. Even knowledge wanes, because what we had to learn yesterday will need updates by tomorrow.

Friends speed through our lives – either because they go elsewhere (globalization again!) or because we all are simply too busy.

Yet I do believe that the Holidays still are the solace of quiet, peaceful joy and of reflecting on the real meaning of life: on permanent values. This is what Christmas is all about, regardless of who you are or what you believe in.

Xmas Gift

And once again, our horses come to our rescue, teaching us to be more human – and to enjoy the Holidays better.

The “gift of horses” is manyfold. More than freedom, strength and happiness. More than closeness to nature, excellence in sports, helpfulness in work.  Above all, horses help us find the way to our own selves – to what we were meant to be, or to what we may become.

This evening or tonight, stop by the stables, turn off your cell phone, tune out time. Stand by your horse (or any horse), and look at it without wanting anything from him or her, without planning what to do next. (Had you ever done so before?)

Marvel at it as if it is the first time in your life you see a horse. (And perhaps it is?) Be amazed at the pattern of its coat, wonder at its neck perfect curving, caress the landscape of its back. Look in its eyes – do you see it? Do you see yourself? Become lost there, knowing that it is safe, because the horse will guide you safely back. Horses’ greatest gift is that they have given themselves to us fully, and those of us who honor this offer fully will become better people through it.

Perhaps not by coincidence, this is very much like the gift to mankind of Him whose birthday we now celebrate…

Let’s all live up to the gifts in our lives, during the Holidays, throughout all of 2.010 and many years to come!

text   © Claudia Leschonski, photo © Paula da Silva

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