Quick Instructions

First Step - Ad New Horse

First Step - Ad New Horse

Quick Instructions to use EquiAgenda

1)      The first step is to go to the button called My Horses (left bottom corner), and it will open a screen to ad a “new horse” There you have to enter name, etc and SAVE (top right) when you are done. That will lead to you another screen.

2)      The next step is to touch the name of the horse, to open a new screen where you will find the name of the horse, a button to Edit it’s data and in the top right corner, there is a button with  NEW EVENT. Please  press that button.

3)      Now you will find a screen where you have four different kinds of events, just pick the one that suits you and click “CREATE”, and then enter the fields about that event in the Events Screen. When you are done, remember to SAVE.

That is it,  now you are able to ad events, ad new horses, edit the horses info, and if you like you can always go back to “Edit” and select DELETE to cancel a horse or an event.

Enjoy!  To watch a video click the hot link


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