The alpha mare

She snorts, spins,
her entrails clench as if,
revolted at herself,
she might explode any second now.

The horse-tamer
sits, smiles, awaits in silence
because she realizes
that emotions impair sentiment.

Feelings,  not emotions, are needed here.

Soon, the mare will subside
atuned in body and soul
realizing that commitment
(and compromise)
can be lived with after all.

And they’ll have a long path to ride together.

(Claudia Leschonski, July 2003)


Pantanal Mon Amour

It has been such a longtime since my last post on this blog and so many things happened and I have been in so many places… but I’ve always been too busy to update my blog, or maybe just lazy, not that it makes a difference.

Anyway, I have some great news for you.

A new and very exotic calendar for 2011 is READY , so be sure to order it.  I believe that you will enjoy every image, they will take you far away, to those tropical wetlands…

And here you can order it and enjoy those beautiful places for 12 months!

January page of the new Calendar 2011


Quick Instructions

First Step - Ad New Horse

First Step - Ad New Horse

Quick Instructions to use EquiAgenda

1)      The first step is to go to the button called My Horses (left bottom corner), and it will open a screen to ad a “new horse” There you have to enter name, etc and SAVE (top right) when you are done. That will lead to you another screen.

2)      The next step is to touch the name of the horse, to open a new screen where you will find the name of the horse, a button to Edit it’s data and in the top right corner, there is a button with  NEW EVENT. Please  press that button.

3)      Now you will find a screen where you have four different kinds of events, just pick the one that suits you and click “CREATE”, and then enter the fields about that event in the Events Screen. When you are done, remember to SAVE.

That is it,  now you are able to ad events, ad new horses, edit the horses info, and if you like you can always go back to “Edit” and select DELETE to cancel a horse or an event.

Enjoy!  To watch a video click the hot link


EquiAgenda, my new app

I just launched an app for iPhone and iPod Touch called ©EquiAgenda!

It keeps your horses data handy and always available and is also a calendar, with 24 photos – starting from the month you buy this app.

It allows you to track all of the important events in the life of your horse. With a quick glance, you can see vet appointments, medications, farrier, foaling, competitions, supplements and dietary notes for as many horses as you like! You can even upload a photo of your horse which will show as its avatar. EquiAgenda© will keep you organized and help you keep your horses happy and healthy.


Andalusia On Focus

1st International Horsephotographers Seminar in Montenmedio Golf and Country Club

“Andalusia On Focus”

The seminar will be held in the Region of Vejer de la Frontera – Cadiz, Spain which is known for its natural Splendor and the the typical Spanish “white Village look”. The Seminar will take place in the Dehesa Montenmedio Golf and Country Club which was voted as one of Spain’s most beautiful Golf  Course  and it is Internationally famous  for its Horseshows.

Location:Montenmedio Country Club (ph Michael Steiger)

The Seminar  will be limited to a Maximum of 12 Professional Horse Photographers or Advanced Amateurs. Minimum will be 9 for the seminar to be held.

Needed equipment : a DLSR with a 70-200 telezoom,  a Laptop and 16gb of Memory card.  If you own other lenses and more memory all the better.

IMPORTANT: Deadline for booking a place will be the 15th of February 2010

Booking Fee will be 30 % of the Seminar Fee

The Seminar Fee will include pick up at the Airport, 5 nights in a  double Bedroom , with a sharing Toilet/ Bath and Living room Bungalow. Also included in the Fee are Breakfast (Spanish Style), a 3 course Lunch with Wine or Soda , and on Request it will be available a Vegetarian menu.The Fee will also comprehends a typical Spanish Paella Dinner, free WIFI at the Restaurant, and a trip to Gibraltar for Duty free Shopping.

Total cost for the Seminar is 850 euros.

There is a page with an album of photos of the bungalows, restaurant and facilities in Facebook at


You can subscribe to it and get all the updates.


April 20th

Arrival at Jerez de La Frontera’s Airport. There are several flights from Madrid, the list is available from the Organisers.

Pick up will be arranged and then Welcome Dinner – with the Traditional Paella.

Day one  April 21ST


In the morning  meeting in Montenmedio and classroom


14:30 till finished

Afternoon shooting: conformation, driving and “concept” .

Location:  Montenmedio

Day two April 22nd

In the early morning after breakfast  visit to  PRE Breeding Farm


Afternoon shooting on the same or on a different nearby breeding farm

Day 3 April 23th

Early morning shooting  with a few horses and riders  in Vejer  or on the  Beach


That day there will be the April Spring Feria , a very traditional event, with riders and all sorts of colored and joyful occasions for good shots

Day 4 April 24th

Duty free Shopping in Gibaltar.

About Gibraltar: First time visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of attractions on offer in Gibraltar. Steeped in a history that has evolved from its strategic location at the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula, where Europe meets Africa, visitors are assured of breathtaking scenery, wildlife and architecture, that captures the unique flavour of this Mediterranean City and its inhabitants. As a VAT free jurisdiction, Gibraltar’s popularity with visitors is enhanced by its value added shopping experience in famed Main Street.

In the evening  Goodbye Dinner with a  BBQ and some great Andalusian red wine and Flamenco Music

April 25th

Return to Airport after hopefully a beautiful Seminar


Dear Santa

Dear Santa

Please bring us a new government that works in the interest of the people in this country and not against us, and a proper Prime Minister.

Thanks so much,



The Gift of Horses

The gift of horses

Everything changes. Even Christmas?

To send a  greeting card with sleighs and snowbells to friends in Australia, Brazil and Mexico doesn’t seem to fit somehow.

Paper cards would by now probably be perceived as cumbersome, and even environmentally aggressive, by most people. So a virtual greeting it is.

And what about permanency? A year-old notebook is outdated, an older cell phone frowned upon. Even knowledge wanes, because what we had to learn yesterday will need updates by tomorrow.

Friends speed through our lives – either because they go elsewhere (globalization again!) or because we all are simply too busy.

Yet I do believe that the Holidays still are the solace of quiet, peaceful joy and of reflecting on the real meaning of life: on permanent values. This is what Christmas is all about, regardless of who you are or what you believe in.

Xmas Gift

And once again, our horses come to our rescue, teaching us to be more human – and to enjoy the Holidays better.

The “gift of horses” is manyfold. More than freedom, strength and happiness. More than closeness to nature, excellence in sports, helpfulness in work.  Above all, horses help us find the way to our own selves – to what we were meant to be, or to what we may become.

This evening or tonight, stop by the stables, turn off your cell phone, tune out time. Stand by your horse (or any horse), and look at it without wanting anything from him or her, without planning what to do next. (Had you ever done so before?)

Marvel at it as if it is the first time in your life you see a horse. (And perhaps it is?) Be amazed at the pattern of its coat, wonder at its neck perfect curving, caress the landscape of its back. Look in its eyes – do you see it? Do you see yourself? Become lost there, knowing that it is safe, because the horse will guide you safely back. Horses’ greatest gift is that they have given themselves to us fully, and those of us who honor this offer fully will become better people through it.

Perhaps not by coincidence, this is very much like the gift to mankind of Him whose birthday we now celebrate…

Let’s all live up to the gifts in our lives, during the Holidays, throughout all of 2.010 and many years to come!

text   © Claudia Leschonski, photo © Paula da Silva



I want to share with you something from last week’s trip to  Germany, a lovely text by  Claudia who kindly helped me there with all the photo shoots and  one of the photos of a nude rider in the beach,   inspired by a storm of swans showing us the way to summer freedom…



Flying into northern summer

Where sun’s reign is brief and precious

And free creatures dive into dawn

With easy, unrestrained confidence.

Did any proud swan ever peer down

Instead of ahead?

What would tempt him to seek grace

Also in nether dimensions?

Perhaps to spy a creature

Dancing with water and foam and light

Endowed with legs and wings alike

Its curving flanks in speed aburst.



Would a swan envy this earth-bound creature,

If for a moment only?

… on that day, the birds almost lost formation

But only almost.

Text: Claudia Leschonski photo: Paula da Silva


The evidence

I will start with a quote: ” The fact is, if you’ve got horses, you’ve got manure ”  If you click on the hot link it will open that page for you on a second window.

Well, it is a great page full of humor, irony and …some great products for sale. You should visit that site and I am sure that you will enjoy the site of humor that makes some of those items great gifts.

About horse poop, it says: ” for horse folk, it’s all part of the lifestyle. ”  So true.

It reminds me that all great things normally bring an unpleasant  side with them, and it is up to us to accept it (or not ) as a side effect ;-).

Have fun!


New slideshow

A couple of weeks ago I went to Spain, to Andalusia, to attend a very interesting endurance competition. It was the Kaliber Al Andalus Raid, 500 Km (310 miles) ride, in 8 stages. I only stayed for a couple of days, but I really enjoyed it.

The chairman is Josè Manuel Soto, a very popular singer. I have uploaded a slideshow

click on this link  Al Andalus 2009 but be patient, it takes 2 minutes to load, there are 60 images and a VERY beautiful song…

It will open on a different page so that you can go on reading here while it loads. 🙂

I was telling you about the organisation, it is complex to put up such a long event. Ten days altogether, if you consider the day of arrival, one day off and the last day (gala dinner and awards).  Every day the stalls were re-built on a different place, and the riders slept on a different (beautiful) hotel. The idea was in fact to have a “raid” through Andalusia…

Did I tell you about the food and the wine? uhmmmmm… I know, nothing to do with horses, nor with photography. Ok. Maybe your slideshow has downloaded, by now. Enjoy it!


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